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Why Deforestation is Dangerous
First the chainsaws, then the "Timber", then the clunk, that is deforestation one of the most concerning threats to our planet. Deforestation means that the forests of Earth are being cut down. It is a big threat because we need the forest to survive so we can live. Trees are a key point in the water cycle and without forests places could turn into a barren waste land. Trees are the reason we have oxygen so it would be a catastrophe if they became extinct all animals would cease to exist. Animals are the reason trees have carbon dioxide and without animals trees and plants would die. If that happened then Earth would be a wasteland with no life. Only 30% of the world forest are still intact but every year a portion the size of Panama gets clear. In 100 years the Earth will be void of trees if humans don't change.

Protest and Freedom of speech

Uber drivers were protesting outside the company's New York office Monday. As Pando reports, it's likely due to a new method Uber uses to assign fare requests to drivers.
Drivers giving rides on the more expensive tiers of service with nicer cars are being forced to accept Uber X fares, which are cheaper and usually don't have nicer vehicles like Town Cars or SUVs. In short, drivers appear to be worried they won't be able to make as much money because they're getting requests with cheaper fares.

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What freedom of speech is, is the right to say what our on my mind, for instance I might not like the way things are being taken care of so I can speak up about it. Without the freedom of speech the world would be silent and people could not have an opinion which would lead to chaos. What freedom of speech means to me is having a say in how problems or solutions are held. In my topic it shows that taxi drivers are protesting against the requests for a cheaper fare. This is freedom of speech because the drivers are saying what is not fair to them is not right in their opinion. In conclusion freedom of speech is a key part in seeing both choices and coming to an agreement.

I think that boys like Salva are called the lost boys because the boys are orphans. I think that the name is ironic because the boys in Peter Pan enjoy freedom. I think that the name fits because the lost boys had to fight the enemies and save the people they ran into by letting them into the group. The third reason the name fits is because the boys leave thire land to find families like the first Lost Boys. I think that the name is fitting becasue there re three thought proving the thought and only one disproving it.

The article makes very much sense, I think that my parents would react the same way. I think that RJ Palacio could have taken the situation more calmly, but it is not her fault. I think that most people would react the same way, even though it is rude. It is just reflexes no one can help it. I think that to be stared at all time and treated differently is terrible it is awful that people, myself included do that. The reason is we can't help it as I said before.

If I was one of the children what I would be thinking as I walked out of the office door is, that August seemed like a nice kid and that if I was nice than we could be friends. To be honest I think that when I first saw him I might be started, not in a very bad way, but just moderately surprised. I think that if people were nice to him then he could feel better. That is why if I was one of those kids then I would be nice to him. So in summary I would be nice to August and treat him like a human instead of the way others like Julian do.

I think that August changes the whole perspective of Via's life. If people didn't know about August, then people would look at Via differently, as a normal person, another face in the crowd. If they hear about him, then they might think that she is related to a deformed person and they might treat her as if she is like this too. The sacrifices she has to make is to put August before her. For example, if August is doing one activity in one room and Via is there too, but Via is a possible distraction for him then she would have to move—as the book said. The reason for this is because August is different, he has special needs. As for—can she lead a normal life— think the answer is yes. I think this because, that she can lead a normal, but everybody will have to get used to August, or she grows up, goes to college, gets a job, and moves to a different city.