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In southern portions of their range, like Hudson Bay, Canada, there is no sea ice during the summer, and the polar bears must live on land until the Bay freezes, where they can again hunt on the ice. While on land, these bears eat little or nothing.
In just 20 years the ice-free period in Hudson Bay has increased by an average of 20 days, cutting short polar bears' seal hunting season by nearly three weeks. The ice is freezing later in the fall, but it is the earlier spring ice melt that is especially difficult for the bears. They have a narrower time frame in which to hunt during the critical season when seal pups are born. As a result, average bear weight has dropped by 15%, causing reproduction rates are going down. The Hudson Bay population is down more than 20%.

The loss of ice had made it harder to get to the pieces that still remain. The larger gap of open water between the ice and land also makes the waves worse, making the bears’ swim from shore to sea ice more dangerous.

In 2004, biologists discovered four drowned polar bears in the Beaufort Sea, and suspect the actual number of drowned bears may have been considerably greater. Never before observed, biologists attributed the drowning to a combination of retreating ice and rougher seas.

Polar bears are going hungry for longer periods of time, resulting in them eating each other instead of the seals. Although it has long been known polar bears will kill for dominance or kill cubs so they can breed with the female, outright attacking for food was previously unobserved by biologists.

In 2008, the polar bear was listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act primarily because of the decline of its primary habitat: sea ice. The Secretary of Interior listed the polar bear as threatened but restricted the Endangered Species Act's protections and thus the polar bear's future is still very much in jeopardy.

The polar bear is the referred to in a idiom "canary in the coal mine" of the serious threat global warming poses to wildlife species around the world, unless we take immediate and significant action to reduce global warming pollution all these precious bears will be gone. Wouldn't it be ashamed to go to north Alaska and not see a polar bear?

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I can’t recall a time when I have seen so many protests. Each day, somebody, somewhere, is shouting at the top of their lungs, fist raised in the air protesting. Some are just loud, some include violence, but all are full of passion that may be newly acquired or the result of festering frustration built up over the years. There seems to be no scarcity of things to protest.
I have watched in fascination with the most recent rounds of protests throughout the world. I’m certain that all of these people feel their protests are worthy causes and that changes will not result without being heard. Some efforts achieved change and some have done nothing. Many continue today and the end result of these.

I think that these protest are because Obama is not even trying to show up to important speeches and he is just ignoring them completely. A excellent example is that he didn't show up for his speech about the children at the border and that he isn't even doing anything about it. He needs to get his act together soon or we are in serious financial trouble or he is going to be impeached.


When they call them the lost boys that means that they ran away or that they lost there families because of some tragedy. When they are called "Lost Boys" it means they are lost in the world without families so there are people in America that are adopting them and and teaching the "Lost Boys"our ways. Just like Peter Pan took the boys in, the families of the "Lost Boys" are taking them in. Salva's cloths were so bad that it was like the lost boys in Peter Pan, it was as if he were wearing furs too. It is appropriate to call them "Lost Boys" because they have lost everything and they are boys/men. Even though the boys weren't as old as Salva they still they had a lot in common with him.


I think I would have looked; then after seeing the child, I would have just blankly stared at the child. Then when I came back to my senses I would have tried to do my best to say hello, if my mom or dad had not pulled me away while I was staring at the child. If I was the parent of the child that was seeing the one with a facial set back, I probably would do what the author did because not many people know that much about children like Auggie that have had to go through many surgeries. The kids with the facail set backs have a level of bravery I could only hope to live up to. I have only had four surgeries, three for my ear tubes, then one for my final T ear tubes; but nothing like what they have to face everyday. Eyes always on them, kids running away screaming or crying, and parents that sweep their kids away as fast as they can manage. What if I was that child that made people cry? How would I feel if someone just tried to show me some kindness? Even a simple "Hello" would make my day. Nobody wants to be born like that. It is not their fault they were born to be extraordinary. They would trade it for things that we gripe about every day, like not wanting to wear our glasses or something like that. If we could be more kind, loving, and more generous to people that have facial set backs I think we could make the lives of the children much easier.
(I said "set backs" because they always try their very best to get through it and with our help I think most of them can and will.)


I would be thinking, What is happened to him? Did a doctor mess up plastic surgery or something. But then I would probably try to be as polite as possible and try to keep the conversation off of the little boy or girls face. I would also be a little like Charlotte and go on and on about nothing or anything I could think of.(I'm a chatter box) I would also be a little bit like Jack Will and hang back and watch everything happen because I am not the type of person that likes lots of change really quickly unless I make the change or I was already informed before hand. I would be like more than one person because I am not the one that you throw moving away on and you definitely should not expect me to handle it well. You would probably just not pick me to go on the tour of the school or you need to email, show me, or text me a picture of the person I am taking on the tour if he is not what you would call ordinary. (I am not saying that in a bad way.)


How is Via's life affected by having Auggie as a brother? What sacrifices does Via have to make in her relationship with her parents? Can she lead a normal life?

Via was having a normal life until Auggie. It is not that having Auggie as a brother is a bad thing, but it did completely change her life from what it would have been because of his "facial set back". Via had to become this protecting big sister that didn't get to see her parents, her parents always had something to do with Auggie, whether it was surgery, or Via's mom teaching him everything she could; she never saw them at all. She, also, had to become a girl that didn't complain about not see her parents and, or just not complaining at all. I think that her life is not normal because she has been blessed with a younger brother that needs her and she had to become that helping hand at an early age, which could help her later in her life. Some adults still have trouble with that, until they have children of their own, but even then some still struggle. Via is now very ready for her adulthood more than anyone, but it's all thanks to Auggie.