Reading Reflections

Wonder reading reflections

In Wonder, we recently started Via's chapter of the story where we learned more about the character and how she feels about August. Her life is affected in many ways because se has August as a little brother. For example, she is known not as Olivia Pullman, but as "August Pullman's brother." Also, she has to sacrifice a lot with her relationship with her parents such as her parents not being able to come to her games or performances because Auggie needed to be somewhere else. Also, her parents don't have time to help or spend time with her because of August. Personally, I don't think she can lead a normal life, she'll always be the brother of a kid with a birth defect, nothing can change that. If you ask me, I think she can lead an extraordinary life.
Wonder is such a great book, but sometimes you wonder what would happen if you were there too. Recently, we read a chapter where three children take August on a tour of the school. When you read this, you can't help but wonder what is going on in their heads. If I were to be walking out the office door with August, I would be feeling a little sorry for him, and I would definitely be surprised. I would be trying to look at him without it being awkward, and I would try to become his friend. That is honestly what I would be thinking and doing if I were to walk out the door with August Pullman.

After reading the interview with the author of Wonder, I understand the incedent completely and know what should have gone differently. The author of Wonder says she was outside a store when she saw a little girl with the same facial syndrome that Auggust has in the story. She didn't want her three year old to be frightened and scream, so she stood up suddenly and turned the stroller around to leave. As her oldest son came out, he asked why they were leaving so quickly. As they hurried away, she heard the mother of the girl say to the girl that it was time to go. What I wish would have gone differently is that she would not have moved so suddenly and maybe have even talked to them to set an example for her children. I think the entire incident was a little sad for the girl and her mother, and it makes you remember to be kind, no matter what.

I decided to write about a serious issue that can be so easy to stop if we just put some thought into it. My paragraph is about habitat destruction. Habitat destruction is when a habitat can no longer support the species who live there. Some natural causes are climate change, volcanic activity, and fire. Some human causes are mining, logging, and construction work. Habitat destruction is the main cause of EXTINCTION!! There are so many ways we can stop this from happening. For example, logging and construction companies can check a survey to find out if they are destroying something's habitat.

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal about congressmen who are trying to change the first amendment so they will be re-elected into office. What they are trying to do is to restrict our freedom of speech, so we can't speak out as much as we used to against the government. The Democrats say they will do this because it will reduce the amount of bribery in voting. The author of the article suggests that this is untrue. "The scheme is doomed to fail when it comes to a vote in the Senate, perhaps as soon as Monday," says the author. Even if this does come to a vote, the people who created the constitution were smart enough to make it extremely difficult to amend the constitution. However, the Supreme Court decided to deny the law, as they saw it as unconstitutional. The party attempting to pass this law were expecting a different outcome based on two Supreme Court lawsuits in the past. "In the entire history of the constitution we have never amended the Bill of Rights, and now is not the time to start. It would be wrong to carve an exception in the first amendment. Campaign finance reform is a serious problem, but it does not require that we twist the meaning of the constitution," says the late senator Ted Kennedy. I decided to write about this article because while we are learning about freedom of speech, this article is about freedom of speech in America. Freedom of speech to me is what makes America a democracy, and is everything that our founding fathers stood for.

In A Long Walk to Water, Salva and the other boys going to America were being called the "Lost Boys." This is a reference to the classic story of Peter Pan. In the story, the Lost Boys were a group of orphans who had left their homes to live with Peter in Neverland. This is related to Salva and the other boys because they are orphans leaving their homes to live in America.