Reading Reflections

February 3, 2015
Everything in Via's was normal until her brother August was born. When Via first saw her baby brothers appearance, she knew that her life was going to be different. August started to get all of the attention from her parents and other family members, leaving her in the shadow. Everyone was helping August and constantly worrying about him. Via had to make many sacrifices for August including her parents not attending her school events due August's speech therapy lessons or not being able to find a suitable sitter. Via loves August with all her heart, but thinks its time for him to grow up and fight his own battles. The reason her life isn't normal like a regular teenagers is because she feel as though she is neglected by her parents due to them giving most of their love and time to her brother. Via has taught herself how to grow up and deal with problems life throws her way on her own. Her life isn't normal because she is treated by her family differently than a normal teenage girl. Her life can't change simply because she can't change who her brother is or his conditions.

January 13,2015
I stand in the doorway of Mr. Tushmans office and look around the room. Mr. Tushman has invited Julian, Charlotte, Jack, and I to give the new kid a tour of the school. As I scan across the room I come across a kid with a deformed face. My mind goes into shock. I start to stare at his face but when he notices I look down at my sneakers. I was feeling nervous because I had never seen anyone who looked like him before. Mr. Tushman never told us that the kid we would be meeting has a deformed face. Mr. Tushman tells us that the kids name is August. August walks over and says "Hello" in a shy voice. Julian and Jack say a quick "Hey" and then look down. Charlotte says "Hey August." When it comes to me, I pause and say a quick "Hi" and then look down. I think to myself, I should have greeted him in a better way. Then other thoughts float through my head. Where did he go to school before? Why did he choose our school? What's wrong with his face? Is it a disease? Does it run in the family? Will people bully him? I was in a trance thinking of questions when Mr. Tushman said, "Are you guys ready to take him on the tour?" and then the five of us head out the door.

There are many ways Mrs. Palacio could have handled the extra ordinary situation. It all started when she was waiting outside an ice cream store while her oldest son was purchasing the ice cream when she saw a little girl with a deformed face. The little girl had Treachery- Collins syndrome. She started scramble for a idea what to do. She was scared that her three year old, who was in her stroller, would start screaming like it was Halloween. She ended turning the stroller around, receiving her second son, who dropped the ice scream, and headed back to her car. Mrs. Palacio remembered the little girl's mother saying, " I think it's to time to go." and then leaving the scene. On the drove back to Brooklyn she was thinking about how she handled the situation and could have she handled it better. I think that she could have been more sensitive to the little girls feelings. Mrs. Palacio could have smiled at the child show that she is friendly and then simply turned the stroller around preventing her son from seeing the little girl and start screaming. Mrs. Palacio said that this situation inspired her to right a book. She wrote this book as a child's point of view to show that they want to be thought as a normal kid and that they appreciate when someone acts like there is nothing wrong with their face.All they want is to ne thought as a normal kid.

In the book Peter Pan there are a group of boys called "Lost Boys" who runaway to Neverland and escort Peter on his adventures. In the book A Long Walk to Water a boy named Salva runs away from his village in Sudan in order to escape the brutal war between the Arik and the Nuer tribes. "Lost Boys" is an appropriate name to describe Salva and the other boys because as in Peter Pan, they have begun a journey on their own at a very young age. Salva's journey starts off very difficult as he walks for days with other runaways not knowing where they are going or where they will end up. He becomes a "Lost Boy" as he leaves his family behind which caused him to mature at a very young age. After walking for months, he eventually reaches the Itang Refugee Camp. After six years living there the camp is forced to close and Salva and the other refugees are forced to move to another camp. He finds a new camp that allow 3000 children or young men to travel on a plane to America. Salva and the other boys are chosen. The name "Lost Boys" is appropriate to Salva and the other boys because they only had themselves to reply on. Peter, from the book Peter Pan and Salva, both runaways eventually have an opportunity to start a new life. Salva had to make decisions on his own ever since he was 11 and has been in search for someone to give him love, guidance and protection.

Environmental Issue

Joseph Hart

One of the worst environmental issues is that there is a lot of human wasted being dumped in the ocean. Dirty water is the worlds worst health risk. When water from and melting snow, runs off of root and roads and on the way it picks up toxic chemicals, dirt, trash and disease-carrying organisms along the way. Some people who own boats sometimes dump their waste is to the water. When people dump waste in the water and sometimes animals eat the waste or get caught in the waste. The waste in the water can hurt the fish and animals that need the water to survive and it contaminates the water. This is wrong to do. You should never dump waste in the water.

external image turtle-eats-plastic.jpg external image mine_dump.jpg



  • Dirty water is a big health risk
  • Is one of the most worlds worst health risk
  • when water drains a drain, river,ocean etc it picks up dirt

Fight for 15

Hundreds of US fast food workers from MacDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and KFC are planning a big protest on Thursday in an effort to boost the minimum wage to $15 per hour. I believe that some of those workers have a family to support and have children to be able to pay for their clothes. The parents will also not be able to pay their taxes. They will also not be able to pay for life insurance to protect their children. If the parent can't pay their taxes then they will have their house taken away. If their house is taken away then they will be forced to live on food stamps or be forced to steal. Their children will have no education and will not be able to get a good job in the future. This can end up as a result where there will be more crime and more poverty in this country. I believe that they should raise the amount that they pay there employees so that this problem is avoided. I hope it can be done with out raising the price of the food.

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The rally was announced by Fight For 15, a union of fast food and retail workers, which is seeking a $15/hour living wage.
“It's official: We're going ON STRIKE again on Sept 4!” wrote Fight For 15 in Chicago on Twitter.
The hashtag #FightFor15 has already gone viral on Twitter with many internet users pledging support for the protest.
The organizers said the rallies are planned to be held in more than 100 cities across the country. This time workers will be peacefully engaged in acts of civil disobedience, said Kendall Fells, an organizing director for Fast Food Forward.
“They’re going to use nonviolent civil disobedience as a way to call attention to what they’re facing,”Mary Kay Henry, president of the Service Employees International Union, one of the sponsors, told the New York Times. “They’re invoking civil rights history to make the case that these jobs ought to be paid $15 and the companies ought to recognize a union.”
The workers involved in the rally are ready to be arrested as they try to get their message across, the organizers of the Fight for $15 movement said, as reported by the Orlando Sentinel.