Critics Corner:Ungifted

Gordon Korman

It is just a normal day at Hardcastle Middle School. BAM! There goes the sculpture of Atlas rolling down the hill. it knocks over some cars, and completely demolished the Hardcastle gym; with tons of people in it! Who could have cause all this terrible mischief? It was none other than Donovan Curtis, a purposeful mischief maker in the school. He thought he had gone way too far this time though. But, instead of getting suspended or expelled, and fortunate mix-up by Dr. Schultz, the superintendent, sends Donovan to the ASD (Academy of School distinction). This was where all the gifted kids were sent to. These kids had IQs that could easily dumbfound Donovan. He hides the truth and goes to the school acting like nothing happened. He then meets many different kids at the school like Chloe, who seems to be nice to him; Abigail, who hates him; and Noah, a genius who becomes very interested in YouTube! He at first finds the school uncomfortable, then he starts to settle in. Katie, his sister, is pregnant and the ASD students study her for Human growth and Development. Donovan is trying to hide the truth from Dr. Shultz for as long as he can. He sees Dr. Schultz at the school dance. He also sees him at the school and at the robotics meet.
Eventually, the teachers find out about this. He has to take a test to stay at the ASD. He passes the test, but someone cheated to help him. Abigail actually helped him with the test! Later, Donovan goes back to his old school. He went to the robotics meet, but didn't preform in the robotics meet, until he runs up the stage like a maniac. He snatches the controller from Abigail and destroys the robots! he destroyed their own robot, Tin Man Metallica Squarepants. Donovan later goes back to the ASD, and now this is Donovan's new school. Katie has the baby and the ASD students name her Tina, after Tin Man.
A.R. Level 5.2
Rating: 6/5 stars
Justin Hall

2/3/15 Wonder

Via's life was very normal and a "walk in the park" before Auggie was born. When Auggie was born, her life changed. Auggie's deformed face caused Via to have barely any attention. Sometimes she had to leave the house for a while because Auggie was getting a surgery. One time she had to leave for four weeks! Auggie also came to many of her school plays and recitals. Now her two best friends, Miranda and Ella, won't go to her house or even talk to her; probably because now they view Auggie as most people do. She also wants to do events by herself, such as ride the subway. Her life, and the family's life, is far from normal; and that will probably never change. This explains perfectly why she said, "August is the sun. Mom, Dad, and I our the planets that circle around the sun. The rest of our family and friends are asteroids that circle around the planets that circle around the sun. Now the galaxy is falling out of place."

1/20/14 Wonder

I wouldn't be happy, but wouldn't be mad if I had to tour him around the school. August is a very nice kid and he is very unique. I probably would stare at him for a glimpse of time though. It is really hard to resist staring though. I wouldn't ask questions that were mean to August; I probably wouldn't ask questions at all. I would probably be like Jack in the story, not like Julian, a bully who should learn to respect. It would be interesting to tour August around the school though.


I think this is a very interesting interview. The girl had Treacher-Collins, a disease that effects the way someone's face looks. I agree, when someone or something isn't ordinary, it is hard to to let your eyes travel that direction. It is unique to have something different, which is why other kids shouldn't be teasing. But, R.J. Palacio could have handled this differently. She didn't have to panic, which could have hurt the three-year-old girl's feelings. It probably might have made the mom feel sad too. She could have thought inside her mind. This is a lot like August in Wonder, who was nicknamed Auggie. It is hard to fit in at Auggie's age, especially if you are not ordinary and are the new kid in school. Auggie and the three-year old girl both had a lot to handle in their lives.

10/1/14 "Lost Boys"

In a long walk to water, I think that "Lost Boys" is an appropriate term because they were lost in America. The lost boys had many similarities They're parents were also lost. They were orphaned boys stuck in a refugee camp in Kenya before. They were lost in the world. Salva had also saw his supporters die in front of him, his friend Marial, and his uncle. They didn't even know where Loun-Arrik was now, but they kept walking to hope to find safety. The boys who survived were also lost when they were walking to Kenya without other groups. These boys were unlucky to lose their parents, but lucky to survive.

9/8/14 Peaceful Protest

It is important in A Long Walk to Water that we learned that there are different ways to speak out against something that isn't right. One of the many ways to start something against it is a war, but that doesn't seem right at times. Peaceful protests can be used to speak up. There are many different ways to start a peaceful protest. Martin Luther King was an excellent peaceful protester. If someone does a violent protest, the opposite of a peaceful one, it could cause you to go in jail and other bad things. But, Martin Luther King Jr. was willing to go to jail and so were others just so segregation would end. He also used speeches. For example, he used his I Have a Dream speech to help the people understand that the government laws should be changed in this country against segregation.. He spent a lot of his time risking his life so the country could be safe. People like King were martyrs and they wanted to help their country. To start a peaceful protest, people made signs and rose them in the air saying what they thought on it. The 1960's was a time where many protests were going on. This has caused me to feel sorry for Salva and his family.

Barack Obama praised Dr. King when he spoke about him on the 50th anniversary of the I Have a Dream speech.,g_face,h_300,q_80,w_300/MTE5NTU2MzE2MjgwNDg5NDgz.jpg,g_face,h_300,q_80,w_300/MTE5NTU2MzE2MjgwNDg5NDgz.jpg,g_face,h_300,q_80,w_300/MTE5NTU2MzE2MjgwNDg5NDgz.jpg

Reading Reflections 8/27/14

It is important that we read Flush because of environmental issues, but there are many more to be discovered. Shark finning is a major problem for the food chain and the enviorment. It is a food chain problem because there will be an overgrowing population of animals that are eaten by sharks and the species in the food chain under them will be gone. Humans are a major threat to sharks. Shark attacks are even more rare than a lightning bolt striking you so there should be nothing to worry about. They only kill 3 people a year. 3 is a lot different than 75,000,000, which is the number of sharks we kill a year. We have killed 375,000,000 sharks in five years, but that number needs to be kept there. We need to help sharks and not kill them. We need to protect sharks so we don't mess up the food chain. But it is also a problem in the environment. If sharks become extinct, the food chain will be changed completely. People are making shark fin soup. Shark fins are tasteless and dull, but other ingredients are used as well. Sharks may be scary and be a threat to the food chain, but now that humans are capturing sharks, things could be the other way around.

This is a great white shark
This is a great white shark
This is the soup made out of its fin
This is the soup made out of its fin