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August 26, 2014

Global Warming

Global warming is a predominant problem right now. Global warming is chiefly caused by too much carbon dioxide, a gas that acts like a blanket by trapping heat and warming the planet enough to sustain life. We burn fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas for energy and we burn forests to create pastures and plantations. As a result of these actions, carbon dioxide accumulates and overloads our atmosphere. The problem aggravates when some agricultural practices release other effective global warming gases, such as methane and nitrous oxide. Methane and nitrous oxide are both gasses that have the same function as carbon dioxide - trapping heat and warming the planet. As an effect of global warming, sea levels are rising and glaciers are shrinking. Also, record high temperatures, severe rainstorms, and droughts are becoming quite common. Though our planet is in a severe situation, by reducing the fossil fuels we burn and by reducing deforestation, we can still save our planet.


September 8, 2014
As the Washington Redskins start their season today, they’ll see something in Houston that they should expect to see in other towns they visit as well: Protesters denouncing their team name.

A Native American group in Houston is currently protesting outside NRG Stadium, holding up signs decrying the term “Redskins” as a slur that should not be used.

Chance Landry, who owns the Southern Apache Museum in Houston, told the Houston Chronicle that Native Americans feel the NFL isn’t showing them respect.

“It’s a very derogatory term,” Landry said. “We don’t want our children and grandchildren to have to live with this any longer.”
Anyone who thought this was an offseason story that would go away once the season started was incorrect. This controversy is not going away.

Redskin Protests
Redskin Protests

Protesters are denouncing Washington's team name, Redskins. Many people believe that the Washington's team name is a derogatory term. In Houston, Native Americans are protesting against the name, Redskins, by holding up signs outside of the NRG Stadium stating that the term "Redskins" was an insulting term to the Native Americans. The Native Americans felt that NFL was showing them low esteem. Chance Landry quotes that he does not want future Native American generations to have to live with this offensive term any longer. Protesting has continued to take place and is not abating.

October 1, 2014

A Long Walk to Water Chapter 15

I think “Lost Boys” is an appropriate name to give to boys like Salva. Both the Lost Boys in Peter Pan and the “Lost Boys” of Sudan have similitude with each other. In the story of Peter Pan, a group of young orphans join Peter in his venturesome adventures saving Indian princesses and fighting pirates. These youngsters enjoy their intrepid adventures and unlimited freedom. The “Lost Boys” of Sudan are orphans who fly to the U.S.A. and become part of generous families. These boys feel relieved because they are protected by their new family and have gained freedom. They relish being a member of a family who care for these boys and also enjoy being treated as if they were the family’s own children. In both stories, orphans end up being part of a family or group and become free and joyful. When Salva receives the delirious news that his father has been located, Salva makes a visit to Sudan to see his father. In the story of Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, despite all their enjoyment and freedom with Peter, decide to return from Neverland to find families. These incidents in both stories are similar because the boys in both stories return to their homeland. These similarities make the name “Lost Boys” a perfect name to call boys like Salva.

January 13, 2015
R.J. Palacio reacted like any mother would do, at the incident that happened to her that prompted her to write Wonder. R.J. Palacio was an example of what a typical mother would do if the mother saw a deformed little girl at an ice cream shop. Even though R.J. Palacio’s actions were typical o a mother, I believe that she should have concealed her horrified countenance. If R.J. Palacio had not left the ice cream shop hastily with her children after glancing at the deformed child, then the mother of the deformed girl would not have fathomed that her daughter’s deformed face had frightened R.J. Palacio. Also, the mother of the deformed girl would have stayed at the ice cream shop and would not have decided to leave in order to avert more stares, if it had not been for R.J. Palacio’s actions. R.J. Palacio’s impetuous actions after meeting the deformed girl at the ice cream shop later fomented regret for R.J. Palacio. If R.J. Palacio met another deformed child unexpectedly, I know that R.J. Palacio would maintain a serene disposition instead of hastily rushing to the car.

January 20,2014
If I were going to take Auggie on a tour of the school, I would feel uncomfortable and apprehensive. I don’t think I would be able to look Auggie in the face for a whole thirty seconds. I think I would avert my eyes from Auggie’s face for a few seconds to digest the deformity of Auggie’s face. As I head out the office door, a torrent of questions would be swirling in my head. I would probably think, How would Auggie behave throughout the tour? Would Auggie behave like an ordinary ten year old? How many excruciating surgeries has he had? Was he born with a facial deformity or did it ensue from an accident? Does he know how a typical school runs?I would wonder if Auggie was as apprehensive as I was. What if I were in Auggie’s shoes? Immediately, realization would dawn on me, and I would feel thankful towards God for bestowing me with a normal face.

February 3, 2015
Having Auggie as a brother makes a strong impact on Via’s life. Via’s parents devote their sole attention to Auggie, not Via, because of his deformity. Her parents believe that Auggie has special needs, so they try to gratify his every whim and desire. Her parents change plans depending on August’s moods. If he feels dejected about a plan, then her parents turn to Plan B, even if Via prefers the first plan. Via does not disturb her parents with her problems; instead, she resolves them herself.
Via must also make sacrifices in her relationship with her parents, for her parents are too busy attending to Auggie’s needs. Via’s parents have missed Via’s school plays and other of her school activities that divert their attention away from Auggie. Though Via understands that Auggie’s excruciating surgeries are much more attention demanding than Via’s petty problems, Via believes that her parents should begin to treat Auggie in a more mature manner. She believes that her parents should avert from spending exerting effort and time on only Auggie. In Via’s notion, her parents should not be so indifferent to Via’s concerns and desires.
Via can lead an ordinary life; she just has to believe that she’s leading a normal life. If Via nurtures the thought that Auggie is soaking up all the attention in her family, then she would feel sympathetic for herself. She would mope around thinking that she is not leading a normal life like all of her classmates. If Via chooses not to nurture the thought that Auggie makes an unwanted impact on her life, she remains in high spirits. I believe that Via can lead a normal life. It is all in the power of her mind.