1/27/15 Wonder

2/03/15 Wonder
Because of Auggie's birth defect, Via's life is greatly affected. She feels left out of her family. During the story Via describes the Pullman family as its own galaxy. Auggie is the sun, and everyone else are the planets. Via's parents revolve around Auggie to make sure he is healthy. Via was not able to go to a friend's house for a sleepover because at any moment Auggie might have to go to the hospital. If the Pullman family went for a walk outside, the family would be stared at because of of Auggie. One time Via had to go to her grandmother's house for four weeks because Auggie was having surgery. When Via arrived home, Auggie ran up to Via and hugged and kissed her. During that moment for the very first time, she saw August the way everyone else saw him. It opened up another view point of her brother. Via felt as though her parents didn't really care about her, because they had to give Auggie all of their attention just to make sure he was alright. Via has realized that she has to take a step back from August and allow him to grow up. She has to allow her parents to worry about Auggie, instead of herself. She also has to realize that if her parents don't give Auggie attention and protection he will not survive.

1/20/15 Wonder

If I was one of the children who toured Auggie around the school, at first I would feel a little bit suprised. I wouldn't know how to react to a child who has a facial deformity. I would try to be nice, and act like he was a normal kid, because he really is a normal kid who does all the same things that we do. The only thing that is different between August and I, is that August has a facial deformity. If I was a tour guide, I would try to make him feel welcome, because most children would just stop and stare at him, and not be kind to him, like Julian in the book Wonder. You shouldn't be mean to someone like that, because it is not their fault. They were just born that way, and they can't help it. If you think you have a hard life, think about August.

1/13/15 Wonder

If I was in the author's shoes in that moment, I would have done the same thing. I would have been frightened, and then I would have walked away immediately. Sometimes if we pass someone walking along the street, or in the mall we have the temptation to stop and stare, when we should just glance towards them and walk away. Don't try to make someone feel uncomfortable by staring at them and then make rude noises. It makes them feel bad. Anytime you see someone like that, try not to make them feel bad by staring. If you do stare, put yourself in their shoes and think about how you would feel if someone did that to you.

Reading Reflections

10/01/14 A Long Walk to Water Chapter 15
"Lost Boys" is an appropriate name to give to boys like Salva because Salva is an orphan, who is living on his own. Salva traveled everywhere with his Uncle, until he died, which is like the Lost Boys in Peter Pan. They followed Peter wherever he went. At the end of the chapter, Salva is on the list to go to America and find a family. When he finally met his family, he was excited because he finally had a place to call home and belong. A family is important because he could finally belong again. He could feel loved, supported, happy, sad, excited, mad and still find peace.