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Topic: Air Pollution in China

Air Pollution in China is a very big environmental issue in the world right now. Did you know that 16 of 20 of the world's most polluted cities are in China? Only 1% of the population of China breathes air that is considered safe. The air pollution in China can cause lung cancer and cardiovascular disease which could result in death or a very serious illness. People who are living in the Chinese contaminated cities an breathing the polluted air have a better chance of getting lung cancer than people who smoke. Smog from China has reached up to California, which means there is to much pollution in China and will go around the world if it is not stopped. Many Chinese people have to wear smog masks to be able to not get sick or contaminated. A few ways to stop the pollution in China is to drive electric cars, limit amount of coal used in factories,do not waste coal or natural fas while cooking, and the government should take action before it is to late! Pollution in China may be a problem now, but if we work together and people who are living in China take on of the small actions I have listed before China won't have to suffer much longer.
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Topic: A Long Walk to Water: Chapter 1
This is an article about a small group of Native Americans protesting the mascot name of the Washington Redskins.
Fox Sports

HOUSTON -- A small group of people are protesting the name of the Washington Redskins outside the stadium before the team's game against Houston.

The group of Native Americans was protesting the nickname and held signs voicing their distaste for it. One protestor said, ''Indians are Human Beings Not Mascots.''

Juan Mancias, who is a member of the Carrizo Tribe of Texas says: ''This is a racist name and it should not be used.''

There has been a recent push for owner Dan Snyder to change the mascot and some publications have chosen to no longer use it.

A few Washington fans, including one wearing a jersey bearing the Redskin logo stopped to chat with the protesters and hear their views on the name. But a few Texans fans heckled the protesters as they walked into the stadium.

Some Native Americans say that the name of a NFL team, the Washington Redskins, is racist toward Native Americans. Protesters peacefully held signs and chanted outside NRG stadium in Houston,Texas on September 7, 2014 before the Redskins played the Texans in week one of the NFL. They say that Indians should not be used as mascots and are human beings just like us. They do not like being usedas a mascot and think it is racist. The protesters were trying to urge the NFL to change the club's name and mascot. These protesters meant no harm to anybody and have the right to voice their thoughts in any way they want. Freedom of speech is a right that all U.S.A citizens possess. I think that freedom of speech is an amazing right that everybody has the ability and right to have. It would not be right if nobody could express their thoughts about the government and problems in their community. I think that without freedom of speech in the United States the country might not see what problems are happening around the country in the public and that could lead to very big problems all around the country.


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Topic: A Long Walk to Water Chapter 15
Salva and and three thousand other Sudanese boys have been chosen to go to America. They are being called the "Lost Boys". This is a close simile to Peter Pan and the "Lost Boys" of Never Land. Salva and his fellow travelers are orphans just like the boys from Never Land. They are going to America to seek new wealth and to find families. They may enjoy living with their temporary families, but they all would love to see if they could fing their real families in the middle of the Sudanese war. Salva and his fellow travelers could be called "Lost Boys" because they all had run away from their home village in an attempt to escape the horrors of the war, and to make sure that they were not used as soldiers in the fighting. In a similar sense, the lost boys of Never Land also left their home in an attempt to led a better life. Salva and the boys from Never Land were swept away from home and were directed in the direction of a distant and foreign land. They could also be called "Lost Boys" because they were both lost in the sense of what their next step in life was. Peter Pan and his crew all decide it would be best to leave Never Land and try to find their families. In an ironic way, all the Sudanese boys would like to leave their American families and attempt to find their original families if they are still alive. Salva could also be called a "Lost Boy" because all of the adventures he has had to go through to survive that have caused him to be "Lost" in knowing where his true home is. Salva may be a "Lost Boy" at the moment, but if he works hard enough he won't be a "Lost Boy" anymore, he would have found his home and family and transformed into a "Found Boy."

Topic: Wonder
The incident that propelled Mrs. Palacio to write Wonder was completely out of the ordinary. The incident went down like the following: Mrs. Palacio was outside an ice cream store when she saw a little girl with Treacher- Collins syndrome. In order to prevent her three year old child from crying in fear she quickly grabbed the stroller and turned it around. Then, she grabbed her older son from the store and dragged him away from the store. While she was leaving, the mother of the "different" child told her daughter, in an extremely calm voice, it was time to go. I think Mrs. Palacio could have handled the situation a little bit better. Instead of just turning around and leaving, she could have tried talking to the "different" child in a comforting way to set an example for her kids. Instead of panicking, maybe she could have thought before she acted just a little more. If I were in Mrs. Palacio's shoes, I probably would have done the same thing if I didn't take the time to think over the situation. Mrs. Palacio says that the whole incident is what propelled her to write Wonder. What really propelled her, was the simple act of the "different" girl's mom's reaction to the whole situation. She just said it was time to go, like it happened a million times every day. This is one situation that proves to everybody, that thinking before acting is key, and you should always be kind, no matter what.

In the book ,Wonder, we recently read a chapter about August being toured around Beacher Prep. If I were one of the kids who toured August around the school, I would feel a multitude of emotions. First, I would feel a little startled when I see Auggie's face. I would quickly change my reaction and attempt to be nice to him. I would be a little like Jack Will who was laid back and calm. I would also share some characteristics with Charlotte. I would talk to Auggie, but not be an extreme chatterbox like Charlotte. I would definetly act nothing like Juian. Julian was just plain out mean. I would be cool, calm, and collected during the tour. I would show him all of the different classrooms and buildings. I would treat August like a human being, because he is one. He is just like all of us. The only difference between Auggie and I is that Auggie's face is a little different. So what? That doesn't make him any worse or better than I am. I would befriend Auggie right of the bat, of course after the initial shock of Auggie's face. The shock would only last for a moment or so though. All in all, I would be as nice to August as I am to all of my friends, basically following the golden rule.

Via, also known as Olivia Pullman, is leading an extremly abnormal life because of her "different" brother Auggie. Of course, this is not Auggie's fault. Nobody chooses to have a birth defect. Indirectly, Auggie changes Via's life drastically. In a normal family the younger siblings usually receive a little more attention than the older ones, but in this family August, the younger sibling, receives about 90 percent more attention than Via, the older sibling. If Via's parent's didn't devote this time to Auggie, then Auggie would live in a constant world of danger. On the other hand, Via's parents are devoting almost all of their time to Auggie, leaving Via to fend for herself. In the aftermath of this, Via is neglected from every day parenting. Via dosen't get help on school work, hardly gets any quality time with her parents, and doesn't have anyone to let her feelings out to. She has scarificed a lot of time with her parents so they can take care of August. Is this fair? I don't think so. Unfortunately, Via's parents don't have a choice because of Auggie's "different" face. You can't leave your children behind. Period. Via understands that her parents don't want to leave her behind, but that her parents think that she can handle everyday life by herself. Now it's all up to her, will she let her life be affected just because she is the older sister of a deformed child? I doubt it.