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February 3, 2015
Via lead a normal life before Auggie was born. She was an only child and her parents had all the time in the world to spend with her. When Auggie was born, everything changed and she was a girl that had gone from spending every minute of every day with her parents to spending hardly any time at all with them. Via made other sacrifices too, like not having her parents at the school play or bringing Auggie with them; she never had a babysitter that would babysit both Via and Auggie; and if she needed help with homework, she had to figure it out on her own with her computer. It is possible for her to have a normal life again if she makes the right decisions, pick and choose the right friends, and truly knows that she can lead a normal life.

January 20, 2015
If I was one of the kids that had been selected by Mr. Tushman (for the tour), I would ask the others that had been selected if they have talked to the new kid yet. I might ask if the new kid was a boy or a girl. I would also ask if they knew his name. If I had heard about what Auggie looked like, I admit, I would be kind of spooked, but I wouldn't do anything to intentionally hurt his feelings. Finally, we would start the tour and I would introduce myself.

January 13, 2015
What Would You Do?
If I was put in Miss Palacio's place on that day, I would have been scared but I would be extra kind and polite, as if I was meeting the president. My greeting words to the little girl would be, Hi. How are you? My name is Richard. What is your name?. Well, hello ___, have a nice day. To show kindness I would help the little girl and her parents with her groceries. My last act of kindness would be, if we are in line at the cash register, I would pay whatever money I had in my pockets at that time for the girl and her parents' checkout.

Water pollution is usually caused by humans contaminating the water with waste. Different human sources add to the pollution of water. There are two sorts of sources, point and non-point sources.
Examples of point sources are: factories, sewage treatment plants, underground mines, oil wells, and oil tanks. Examples of non-point sources are: traffic, pollutants that are spread through rivers and pollutants that enter the water through groundwater. I think we need to give more attention to the problem of water pollution.

Protesters, police march peacefully in Ferguson

The Associated Press
A diverse group of protesters, many of them children, marched peacefully Saturday as calm prevailed for a fourth straight day in the St. Louis suburb where an unarmed black 18-year-old was shot by a white police officer, setting off more than a week of unrest.
Several community activists walked side-by-side with police officers in uniform as they walked down one of the main streets in Ferguson that had been filled with armored vehicles and officers in riot gear less than a week ago.
"I think some of the frustration is dying down because more information is coming out," said Alana Ramey, 25, a St. Louis resident who joined the afternoon march. "I think there is more action going on. People are being more organized and that is helping."
By late Saturday night, just a few dozen peaceful protesters remained, with an even more sparse police presence along the three-block stretch of West Florissant Avenue that had been the site of the heaviest unrest. Unlike other nights, the street remained open to traffic.
A St. Louis County police spokesman reported one arrest for destruction of property, though an Associated Press reporter observed a second arrest.
The protesters included a dozen students and recent graduates of Harvard University who arrived in Ferguson after a 20-hour drive. The Harvard contingent chatted amicably with Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson, who commended their passion and encouraged them to remain civically active.
"When we go back to our communities, there's a Ferguson near us," said the Rev. Willie Bodrick II, 26, of Roxbury, Massachusetts, a youth minister and recent graduate of Harvard Divinity School.
The images of well-armed suburban police officers confronting protesters in Ferguson with tear gas and rubber bullets after the Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson prompted widespread criticism of how local law enforcement agencies have used federal grants to obtain military gear from the Pentagon.
President Barack Obama ordered the White House to conduct a review of those programs after calling for more separation between the nation's armed forces and civilian police.
The federal government also has launched its own investigation into the shooting, sending dozens of FBI agents to Ferguson to question witnesses. The St. Louis County prosecutor has convened a grand jury to begin hearing evidence in the case and to decide whether to indict Wilson in the shooting.
About 10 miles south of Ferguson, supporters of Wilson rallied at a sports pub owned by the family of Mark Rodebaugh, a 21-year veteran of the St. Louis police department. Rodebaugh said he wanted to have the event because Wilson's name has been "dragged through the mud." He said it felt good to see supporters who weren't either officers themselves or relatives of officers.
"We've got a hard job to do," he said. "We want people to know they shouldn't give up on law enforcement."
Wilson has not spoken publicly since the shooting. He has been on paid administrative leave and Associated Press reporters have not been able to contact him.
Earlier Saturday, Normandy High School, which Brown attended, observed a moment of silence for him at the start of a home football game.
"This is something we shouldn't forget," said Donald Vaughan Cross, 77, a Hanley Hills resident whose grandson played for opposing team, Lift for Life Academy Charter. "This is something that should be on the minds of everybody — young ones and old ones. And the old ones like myself, we remember. It's still going on. When is it going to stop? When is it going to end?"
Burnett reported from St. Louis. Associated Press writer Alan Scher Zagier contributed to this report from Ferguson.
Copyright The Associated Press

The protests of the Ferguson shooting were significant to me. They were significant to me because even though a police shot a teenager, the protesters walked side by side with the cops. I not only know why the protesters were protesting but I understand why they were doing it. The protesters were so involved in the protest that they even made buttons (as seen below). As the trial went on for officer Derren Wilson eventualy
the judge's verdict was officer Wilson was innocent, which made the protesters all the more angry.

Aug. 21, 2014 photo
Aug. 21, 2014 photo

October 1, 2014

"Lost Boys" is an appropriate name for the refugees of the Sudan Civil War. It is an appropriate name for the refugees because they are like the Lost Boys from the Peter Pan they are looking to start a new life elsewhere. It is also an appropriate name because, like the orphans, most of the refugees were orphans also. Another reason it could be an appropriate name is that they both traveled in groups. Lastly, it is an appropriate name for the refugees because they too try to find their families.