License To Spill:A Pretenders Novel

License To Spill: A Pretenders Novel by Lisis Harrison has many complications in the book.The Phoenix Five of Noble High are at the top of their class. Everyone envies them. They wish to be them, or maybe not. Are these five leading a double life? To find out we have to look in the journals Mrs. Silver gave to each student at the beginning of the year. X, has stolen the journal and he has a license to spill.
Jagger is one of the Phoenix five. He says his parents are on the death row for child bullying. Supposedly he lives on the street. He also tells people that a former Navy Seal is after him. Everyone thinks that he has the hardest life in the world, but,in fact, he has the easiest in the world. Jagger starts to feel guilty about his lies, so every time he tells one he writes it down.His parents are multi-millionaires living the life. They have two Ferraris and a huge mansion. Now to expose Vanessa's secrets. Her parents are about to divorce. The only thing that is keeping them together are Vanessa's grades. She is supposedly the smartest in the school. Everyone wishes to be here friend. Lies. Her grade are fake. What she didn't tell anyone, is that she is a software genius. She hacked the school systems so that she can have better grades. Now to Lily. She doesn't have many secrets except that her best friend, a boy, is gay. Other than that she never had any secrets. Duffy, meanwhile, has many secrets. His parents own a million dollar company. LIES. He doesn't have to pay anyone back. LIES.His parents company went bankrupt over the summer.TRUTH. He has to pay back a fashion company for loaning him money to play varsity basketball. Meanwhile in Sheridan's world, things couldn't be worse. She received the part of an understudy. She has a mortal enemy. Her name is Octavia. She stole her best friend ,Audri, from her. During the auditions for the play, she cursed Sheridan by saying good luck. Then when Sheridan had an audition for a TV show, Octavia texted her good luck, and she failed. Even though Audri isn't a member of the five, she is a main character. Her life has been ruined by a "Wreck It Ralph'. He made Audri's mom and dad divorce and now is with Audri's mom. Also, Jagger has a another lie. He doesn't know who "Wreck It Ralph" is. Actually, he does. It's his dad. (This is not a cliff hanger, this is how the story ends.)
Rohan S.
AR Level: 4.1
Rating: 1/2 (4.5 out of 5)

Via's life is affected by August. As she said August became somewhat of a fixture at PS 22. Everywhere she goes people stare and point at her and August. She has to sacrifice time with her parents so they can take d of August. She can't have any mom bonding time or dad bonding time. Imagine walking in the park and people are pointing at you. They're whispering about you. It's like you have a huge neon sign that says I AM THE SISTER OF SOMEONE DEFORMED. I would feel so bad about it. All through out her life she has this feeling. Now the planets are falling out of alignment. Everything is changing in her world.

Why am I here? I ask to myself? I am supposed to be somewhere away from school. Now I'm a tour guide. I hope this boy, whose name is August, would like a friend like me. At least I am serving as a role model. I see Mr. Tushman's office a few feet away.
"Hey Rohan," says Jack
"Hey Jack," I reply. "I can't believe Mr. Tushman asked Julian to help with this tour. I thought it was for nice kids only."
"Shh!" Jack says. " He over there with Charlotte."
The four of us enter the room. A boy with brown hair over his eyes and a braid on the back of his head is standing with his mom. Then the boy looks up. I can't believe my eyes. His face looks different. I can't explain it. Then I see just how nervous he is. I decide tat I should try to be friends with him. Then I walk out of the room with my soon to be friend, August.

When RJ Palacio saw the girl with the disoriented face syndrome she went into panic mode. One of her kid started crying and it caused commotion inside the mall.
The mom of the girl who had the syndrome took her away quickly. The ride home to Brooklyn from the mall, RJ Palacio was feeling devastated about her reaction.
On the radio she heard the Wonder(honouring a child with a disability) song which sparked inspiration into her mind. As she was writing her pen took over and story of August was born. Wonder is a story about a boy who has deformed face and how he learns to cope with his problem and toughens up for school. His problem started two months even before he was born. When he was born his mom did not even got to see him. The Doctor rushed him out of the delivery room to separate place. When his Mom saw him she saw how beautiful his eyes are. RJ Palacio has written a beautiful story about a problem that needs to have more attention globally.

In Peter Pan the lost boys are boys who are lost and don't have a family. This is the perfect analogy for Salva and his group of Lost Boys. The Lost Boys in Peter Pan are in search of a family and in the end of the movie they leave to find a family. In A Long Walk to Water the boys in the group either have no family remaining like Salva, or there family was killed in the war, so these boys are in search of a family. We just read in the book that Salva has found his new family in Rochester, New York. In Peter Pan the boys set out to find a family like the Lost Boys from the camp. So in conclusion the ones from Peter Pan are the same as the ones from the camp because they are both in search of families.

The large protests and demonstrations that were a result of eighteen-year-old Michael Brown getting shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson have largely quieted down, but this past weekend showed that protests are still going on in the St. Louis area -- for both sides of the controversy.
In Ferguson, Lost Voices, a group of young Ferguson-area protesters who have called for an end to police brutality and vowed to permanently protest until Wilson is charged with a crime, held a sleep-in where supporters camped out all night in a parking lot behind Red's BBQ on West Florissant. Approximately 50 people, including children, participated in the overnight event, sleeping in tents that were donated to the cause.

"Now that the national media is gone, now that the rioting has stopped, I think what you see now is the real story of who's gonna help make change in Ferguson," said Ferguson committeewoman Patricia Bynes, who attended the late night event. "People want to be together. It's white and black and young and everybody playing a part and that's significant. So, this is what the real story is. When everybody else is gone, the cameras are gone, the shine is gone, this is what's really driving it."

For some young people, the sleep-in protest was an introduction to protesting.

"This is the first time I've done anything like this," said seventeen-year-old Brandi Shields. "I'm here for my nephew, kids of little ages, and Mike Brown."

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But for others, the sleep-in was a way to continue the protests that began after the shooting of Brown on August 9.

"It's not about black and white. It's about blue: It's blue against civilians," said Toshiko Thompson. "[Police brutality] happens to our young black men on the regular and that's just a problem. It's like Jim Crow time."Meanwhile, at the KT's Sports Bar in O'Fallon, about 30 miles west of the Ferguson sleep-in, a weekend-long fundraiser was held for Wilson, the Ferguson officer who shot and killed Brown.

"I believe Wilson is innocent until proven guilty," said Cathy Brown, who volunteered to sell t-shirts and bracelets for the event. "And I'm angry that he was tried and convicted on the streets of Ferguson."

Many Wilson supporters were troubled by the subsequent protests after the Brown shooting, especially the looting that took place on the first nights of the protests. There was also a strong feeling that the events have caused hatred towards white people.

"I've never done anything to harm them," said Brown. "But if I went to Ferguson, they wouldn't hesitate to harm me."

"The road [Brown] was going down, he was gonna be dead anyways," said a Jefferson County man who did not want to give his name. "You don't just go around pushing people around, strong-arm robbery, all that - it was a matter of time before it happened. It's just unfortunate it was somebody in law enforcement that did it. He could have went four blocks down and got shot -- they shoot each other constantly."

The Jefferson County man added: "Race has nothing to do with it. He was just a big thug."

In addition to personal opinions about the shooting, many Wilson advocates said their support for the officer is rooted in their confidence in the benevolence of police.

"When you watch a sporting event, do you root for the winner? Or do you root for the team before they win?" said a woman who did not want to give her name. "So if you support the police officer, does it matter if the verdict is in yet? You still support the person. I'm out here mainly because I have a lot more faith in the police department than to think he went out there and killed somebody in cold blood."

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That faith in the police department was a stark difference between the two groups: Wilson supporters have it, Ferguson protesters do not.

The Department of Justice's announcement that it will investigate the practices of the Ferguson Police Department was welcomed by the Ferguson protesters, but still seen as inadequate for now.

"If they want us to have faith in the system and trust people who are out here to protect us, then we need to see change," said Thompson. "It started with this Mike Brown situation, but it's deeper than that. If you look online, it's all over the U.S. How are we to police other countries and we got our own problems here?"
On the radio or when you watch the news you may have heard about Micheal Brown. He was a teenager who got shot by policeman Darren Wilson. This has sparked a national conflict. With protests surging from Ferguson where the shooting happened all the way to Atlanta. There has been support for the officer who shot him. People were so violent that the national guard and attorney general Eric Holder had to be called. Since then the protests are not violent and have died down a little bit. Freedom of speech is one of the great things this country has. Freedom of speach is when people can express themselves freely. It is important that we have freedom of speech because without it we wouldn't be a free country. An example is if the country dosen't like the way the president is handling something than the president can do it how the nation likes it to be done. This is why I think freedom of speach is important.

an style="font-size: 120%;">8/26/14 Environmental Issues
The number of rhinos and elephants poached in 2013 was 946. This is way to many. The elephants and rhinos are some of nature creature. If you were a rhino or elephant would you like to get shot? Many people are poaching them for their ivory tusks or horns. No matter what people think it has no medical value. It helps as much as you eating your finger nails. There are certain gangs who get money by killing elephants and rhinos, cutting of their tusks, and then selling them in the black market. It is illegal to poach them because they are endangered. In 2009 122 elephants and rhinos were poached. In 2010 333 were poached. In just the first part of 2012 338 were poached. We need to save not just theses but also all of the other animals that are being poached.

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