If I were on of the children who gave Auggie a tour around Beecher Prep, I would feel a little strange to be around Auggie. Once we started the tour and I was starting know him better, I think that I would really like Auggie. I would also tell Auggie to stick up for himself when people like Julian ask him rude questions. I think it would be very hard to be Auggie's friend. I would definately like to know Auggie.

Via's life is greatly affected by having Auggie as a brother. She has had to make big and small sacrifices which have affected her life now and will affect her future. When August was born, Via was pushed to the side, and forced to grow up. Via has developed an understanding that Auggie's needs come before hers which is not always true. She needs her parents just as much as August does. Via is going through a difficult phase in her life where she needs the love and support of her parents, but her parents are more concerned about Auggie. Auggie is affecting Via's life in more ways than she knows. Via doesn't have a normal life where her brother is concerned, but does anyone actually have a normal life? In one area in your life, you are not normal. Everyone is unique. The only reason her life is not normal is because no one sees it that way.1