Reading Reflections

2/3/15 Wonder Via

Via is probably jealous because August is receiving all the attention from her parent. Via probably wishes
that August could have looked a little more normal so she could receive a little attention. Via also might
feel uncomfortable because wherever she went other people's eyes followed because August was next to her.
She had to sacrifice her time with her parents because August needed his parents. She might have wanted a
"normal life". I think Via just stressed out and needs to believe that she has a normal life in her mind.

1/20/15 Wonder School Tour

If I was a child going to Beecher Prep I would be happy at first because I was about to give a tour. I would feel sympathetic
towards the new kid. Then I would have felt a little bit happy because in my mind I knew I could be his friend. As Mr. Tushman
spoke, I would be thinking of nice thinks to say to the boy Mr. Tushman introduced as August. When it was my turn to introduce
myself, I would say, "Hi August, my name is Vaishnavi and it is a pleasure to meet you!" After the tour, I would make sure I tell
Mr. Tushman about what Julian said. I would then think of helping my new friend.

1/13/15 Wonder Author Interview

R J. Palacio saw a girl who had a deformed face at an ice cream store. Her youngest son, who was three at
that time, started crying. R J. Palacio panicked. She did not know what to do, so she called her oldest son over
and told them it was time to go. On the way home R J. Palacio regretted her actions. She felt sad thinking about
the little girl and was motivated to write a story about a boy with a deformed face. She expressed everything onto
the paper after the incident. After reading the interview, I felt so bad for the little girl and for August because it was
not their fault they were born like that. I hope that after people read Wonder by R J. Palacio they will not judge boys
and girls by their faces.

10/01/14 A Long Walk to Water Chapter 15

I think "Lost Boys" is a perfect name for Salva and the other boys because they are orphan boys that may have a chance
to find new families. That is exactly what happened to the "Lost Boys" in Peter Pan. Salva and the other boys were hoping
to find new families in America. The "Lost Boys" in Peter Pan also chose to leave near the end of the story. Salva and the boys
were are having a good time with there families before the war broke out. The "Lost Boys" Peter Pan were having an adventurous
time fighting pirates and rescuing Indian princesses before they chose to find families. The "Lost Boys" and Salva's stories are
very similar.

Protests in U.S.A

9/8/14 Native Americans Protest Washington Football Team's Season Opener in Houston

Washington lost 6-17 against the Texan's in their season opener. Before kickoff, many Native Americans rallied against
the WA football team's name and mascot. Many of the signs had to do with the Indians being offended. I believe that it is
fine with protesting like that because people are using their tribes as mascots which is probably offensive to the Indians.
I believe freedom of speech means that someone has the right to believe what they believe is right or wrong. In this case,
many Native Americans think that Native American football mascots are offending. America is different because we have
many rights and the freedom of speech is only one.


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It was a rough start for the Washington football team yesterday, losing their season opener to the Texans 6 - 17 in Houston.
But before kickoff, a small group of Native Americans rallied against the Washington football team outside of NRG Stadium, calling for owner Dan Snyder to change the team's name and mascot. According to the Associated Press, the small group gathered in front of the stadium with a variety of signs calling out the inherent racism of the team's name:
  • The group of Native Americans protesting the nickname held signs voicing their distaste for it. One read "R-word = N-Word" and another said "Indians are Human Beings Not Mascots.""This is a racist name and it should not be used," said Juan Mancias, who is a member of the Carrizo Tribe of Texas.
The controversy over the Washington football team's name escalated over the preseason, with numerous high-profile politicians and public figures calling for Snyder to change the name. Ahead of this weekend's NFL season openers, the Oneida Indian Nation—who started a massive campaign to persuade Snyder and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to change the name—sent a letter to radio and T.V. broadcasters nationwide, asking them not to use the team's name.
Throughout history, this term has been used to disparage Native Americans," the letter stated. "It is the term used by bounty hunters to describe bloody Native scalps, and it was the epithet screamed at Native Americans as they were dragged at gunpoint off their lands. No doubt, the bigotry of this word is why the team was originally given the name by its longtime owner, avowed segregationist George Preston Marshall."
Prior to the game Sunday, a new 60-second radio ad ran on select stations in Houston and across the nation, educating listeners about why the team's name is disparaging and should be changed.

Matt Cohen

Native Americans Protest before Washington and MN Viking's game
Native Americans Protest before Washington and MN Viking's game


Environmental Issue

8/27/14 Water Pollution

Dirty water is the world's biggest health risk. When it rains or snow melts, the waste and chemicals
from the top of our roof roll into the rivers. On the way from the roof to the river it picks up more toxic items. Many animals
and people depend on water so if it isn't clean that is a big problem. Some boats do dump waste into the water to save money.
An example is when Dusty dumps his boat's waste. Another problem mentioned in the book was that the waste affects many animals.
Some animals might be endangered like the loggerhead turtle. Many dumpsters are so large some of the trash falls into water.
Next time you are throwing something away think if you can recycle it because if it goes to the dumpster you might just add more
pollutants into a deer's or even your own glass of water.

Waste flooding into water from pipe
Waste flooding into water from pipe