Nicholson's Class Wonder Precepts 2014-2015

Cooper's Class Wonder Precepts 2012-2013

"Good feelings come to both the giver and the receiver of kindness." -Aliya"You don't have to be popular to be smart or cool. Everyone is someone unique and special." -Vincy"Those who are kind are more confident in themselves than those who aren't. Be kind and you will be confident." -Samantha"If you are nice to someone, it may come right back at you." -Jason"Always be you, even if others tell you otherwise." -Passy"Kindness is such a simple thing, but it can brighten someone's day." -Tej"If you give love, you get a little, too. Everything balances out in the end." -Evonne"Everyone has the spark of a wonderful person inside, but not everyone has the courage to fan the spark into a fire." -Sydney"Strive and you will eventually thrive." -Hans"Think before you speak. It tells what type of person you are." -Alex V"No matter how bad the situation is, never give up." -Sanil'True hard work accompanied with passion will always win not only over talent but the world." -Monisha"Everyone makes a difference in the world." -Derek"Here is the challenge: set expectations for yourself to be a little kinder than you were yesterday." -Linda
"Try your hardest and persevere because you can do anything." -Bryce
"People are like M&M's; each has their own color on the outside, but it has no flavor. The center is where it is sweet or bitter." -Anna
"To be kind to one is not a disease, it is a cure for that person." -Naman
"People do not need to be kind. They shouldn't be told to be kind. If one is kind, everyone will spread kindness as well." -Saathvik